Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Martha, Martha, Martha!

Martha Stewart: Crafts has exploded at my Michaels store and possibly yours too! I was wondering what those empty aisles were for. It's really an impossibly fabulous collection of paper, stamps, labels, stickers, embellishments, punches, albums, shadow boxes, organizers, pens, general craft tools, wedding favor supplies, and kids crafts. There are things I was eyeing, like the bone folder, that just look so much cooler in the packaging they've got going on.

I've always wanted a ribbon box, and now I have one!


Melissa said...

Gasp! I NEED one of those! Or maybe 5 of them. Aww man, I always go to A.C.Moore instead of Michaels, but it looks like I might have to switch!

Rachel said...

Go to both! We just got A.C.Moore, so I haven't really explored it.

Mary said...

I'm so sad. We only have a hobby lobby! I love Martha! DANGIT. Maybe it's my budget's blessing in disguise.