Sunday, April 22, 2007

Good Huntin'

It was so nice today, we went to nearby Fort McClary to look for sea glass. It was very successful, probably due to all the storms! We found some rare red and pink glass. I'm trying to collect a little bottle full of each color for the small pieces and the big pieces just go in the printer's rack. I just happen to have a picture of the printer's rack from yesterday when an unwanted visitor decided to camp out there. Scroll down to find him! Sorry, I know it's gross, but imagine it in person.


Ann Carda said...

Is the printing rack hanging in your house? I can't remember.

Rachel said...

yes, it's in the kitchen.

Mary said...

Cool! I see you have some homies on your printing rack :) This looks a LOT like my husbands room, except his is wall-to-wall with this type of decor. He loves little shelves full of tiny treasure! very cool :)