Saturday, April 14, 2007


For those of you viewing this in Internet Explorer, I apologize! I just took a look and was horrified. The sidebar headers are not supposed to be huge, black, and gross. They should look like the date above this paragraph. Also, I just added a playlist on the left (thanks for the idea, Kim!) but it doesn't show up in IE. I'm going to try to figure this out, but I'm very surprised. Usually, things work in IE and you have to adjust them for other browsers.

Edit: Ok, I should have thought about this for 2 more seconds. I realized that I have an old version of IE and that's probably why things weren't working for me. I tried to get an update, but apparently Microsoft stopped supporting IE for Macs and there are no more updates. Oh well, I didn't like it anyway! So, the bottom line is that everything probably looks fine. I checked Firefox and that works, so let me know if you see anything weird.


Kim Traynor said...

I'm using Mozilla so it looks great to me, but I know what you are talking about - I've had the same thing happen with my Blogger blog! I set it up in Mozilla and I thought it looked pretty cool and then one day I logged in at the library where they use ie and it was a scary mess!

Hooray for project playlist! Isn't it fun? I really like what you have up so far, especially The Weepies song (never heard of them!) and The Killers. Smile is such a fun song too. I might have to steal a couple of these for my next playlist :)

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!

Dr Nate said...

i think it's ok , font-wise.... the only problem i run into is if I go to the comment and then jump back to the main blog page, i lose the TEXT of your most recent entry. then i have to refresh. weird.

Rachel said...

thanks guys!