Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Concert Posters

I design all the posters and programs for the orchestra I play in. I'm working on the latest one, so I thought I'd share all the past posters. I like the way they look together and I have them hanging on the wall as you go up the stairs.


Ann said...

Wow, Rachel, you are amazing. Where do you find all the cool fonts?

Rachel said...

Thanks! As for fonts, I did not design The Music Hall logo, which you might be referring to. I love it and it's probably the best thing about the posters!

There are hundreds of font websites where you can buy fonts.

Here is a list of some if you want to look into it for making cards or other projects. Just be careful, cause you get sucked into thinking you must look at every single one!

ann said...

There is this whole business out there of selling fonts that I never knew existed before. Oh, the things you learn when your friend is a graphic designer :)