Friday, January 18, 2008

Things My Mom Made Me For Christmas, Part I

She knit me this fingerless mittens that match my coat. They may seem weird, but they are really great (when it's above 20˚) because you can still drive, dig around in your purse, shop, and talk on the phone without taking them off. Love them!


Melissa said...

Those are awesome!! I love fingerless mittens. I wear them constantly. They come in handy because I can't use my iPhone when I have gloves on, so if I need to pause my music or skip to another song or dial the phone, I need fingertip access. I love the color on those! Your mom is super cool!

Anonymous said...

I heard that your mom only made those for you and not your sisters. Are you the favorite or something? I think if I had those goves then, I would definitely get an iPhone. SB

Rachel said...

SB, I guess that was my reward for taking her to the knitting shop here. You should try it!