Thursday, January 17, 2008

How about some paper to go with that pen?

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A fresh notebook is such a great feeling. I'm always on the lookout for something unique and these are three of my favorites. At the top, Ampad Gold Fibre® Retro Memo Book from Staples. Also available in a larger size. I love the ivory paper. {Edit: Panic! I just happened to be at Staples after posting this and they have redesigned the label on the front of these notebooks. It's really quite a shame. The fun typewriter font has been replaced by three random ones and in place of the crown logo there is something nasty with a star. If you want one of the old ones, I suggest you run right out and dig to the bottom of the pile like I did. : ) }

In the middle, Composition Book from Russell+Hazel that comes in 5 fun colors.

And lastly, the Notabilia Notebook Set from Levenger that is available in a ruled or grid style. I use the grid style for sketching out comps. If you are really swanky and have the means or the desire to spend $100 on a notebook, the version with the leather cover may be for you!

If you have a cool favorite, please share!

Oh! I keep forgetting to mention that you'll want to get in on the new year of joint photo blog 3191. Last year, these 2 women did a Year of Mornings (and now it's going to be a book) and this year they are doing A Year of Evenings. Their work is beautiful and soo well-coordinated, even though I'm pretty sure it's not planned at all.

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