Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year, New Calendars!

My husband always uses a 2-year planner and it drives me crazy. I can barely hold out til October to get my hands on a new one. This year, my choice was this lime green one from Kinkos.

My favorite desk calendar is this letterpress & hand-painted beauty from ilee papergoods. You have to shop early snag one, but check out her shop for note cards.

The Gwen Frostic Mini Calendar has to be the best deal on the planet at just $3.00. These simple nature prints are available in cards, but I love the stickers the most.


miss.supafly said...

SUCH a cute blog! I'm adding to my list after one glance! I love that wrapping paper -- Target? If not, I saw some similar on sale after Christmas for $0.99!!! Sadly, I was too broke to even shell out the buck...

Rachel said...

thanks! The paper is from Target...I got the coordinating snowman one too!