Thursday, June 21, 2007

Let's Play Before & After

This makeover of the office in Nate's office took place a few months ago, but that was before my blog! I thought it was appropriate for several reasons.

1. I was working there today and I really enjoyed the sun coming in the open window and the equally sunny "hibiscus" color on the walls.
2. We sort of stopped half-way in painting the other rooms after it ate up several weekends, but today we had a professional start and I'm sure he will be done in no time. Then we can get new carpet, a new reception desk, move the bathroom.......ugh.
3. All of the furniture and storage containers are from my 1st and only IKEA trip, but I just made a date to go again tomorrow night with my friend, Cathryn, after a mango fried rice dinner.

You can click to enlarge the photos if you want to make sure it was "really that gross". Yes, that IS a shower and a washer—but it's nothing a giant curtain won't hide!


Wendy said...

We've got that paneling stuff in our basement too and I've been thinking about throwing a coat of paint over it. Did you do any special prep to it? Or did you have any problems with the paint not sticking?

Yours looks great! I'd be inspired to start in the basement if I didn't have 200 other projects I've promised to do first.

Rachel said...

Thanks Wendy! We did use a good primer first, but it was still hard to get paint in between each panel. The professional painter told me yesterday that the best and easiest way is to put up a special wallpaper first. He said it's really cheap and easier than normal wallpaper to apply and then you just paint right over it! Good luck.

kat said...

Looks terrific!
I love the hibicus colour! I used Hibicus, by Benjamin Moore in my kitchen and then off my kitchen is my studio which I painted green apple. (which is a tone darker than the hibicus) so fresh and clean.

I've been to Ikea twice... haven't bought much, except for some shelves for my laundry area. But I can see how great it can be for some projects!