Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I've noticed that many bloggers have contests and I want to join in the fun! All you have to do is leave a comment with a link (or just the url) to a blog, website, video, quiz, or other item you find personally interesting on the web. I will draw 1 winner randomly on Saturday and post it by noon EST. That person will receive a package of über goodies hand-picked for them. If I don't know the winner personally, I will leave an e-mail where you can send me your address, and I might ask you a few questions to help me out—if you're game.

I'll go first. I really like personality tests because it helps me relate better with others and understand myself more. Here's one I've taken recently:
personal DNA. I am a "faithful visionary" and I found the description to be pretty accurate.


Melissa said...

Awesome!!! Another contest!! I love how this contest-vibe is spreading across blogs. Okay, this is one of my favorite things on the internet:

"Wiggle jiggle, yellow middle!" :-)

Ann said...

I'm secretly addicted to this stupid little game. Sometimes you just need a break at work!


Jocelyn said...

pick me! pick me!


Tracy said...

Ooo, I want to win so hard!

For snarky episode recaps of your favorite television shows that are sometimes more fun to read than actually watching the show, www.televisionwithoutpity.com is always a good choice.

Rachel said...

What great links so far. Thanks for the entertainment!

Mel-Hilarious and so cute.

Ann-That game is HARD! I gave up for now, but I have a feeling I'll be back.

Jocelyn-I love that blog. I'd heard of it, but never checked it out. She has a million links that I want to look at too.

Tracy-That IS fun. It would be neat to write for them.

Julie said...

Since I didn't win Mel's contest, I'll try again. :-) I'm guilty of reading www.dooce.com every day. Funny, funny stuff.
(ok, I could have said I love visiting www.specialtycards4u.com, but that would have been a shameless plug for my own website)

Melissa said...

Oh yes, Julie's wonderful website, which is designed so sleekly and is remarkably easy to navigate while beautifully showcasing her brilliant work. Ehem, ehem. ;-)

kat said...

warning, warning:

I found this link over a year ago. And I could not stop playing it for weeks! I haven't played in mabye 8 months, but when I did play, oh, I couldn't stop!

I first found their website. (they are designers in thailand) they are super talented. Enjoy and be warned!


Mary said...

YAY! More contests...I'm gonna win something, darn it ;)

kat - I play that game ALL THE TIME!

My link contribution is The Cool Hunter. www.thecoolhunter.net

I really love going there and seeing all the random stuff - all of which relates to design in one way or another!

nice-etc said...

i'll join in..
and don't think i've forgotten that i have to send out your lil somethin..it's in the works i promise!

i just randomly found out about this ridiculously unsafe theme park that existed in the 70s-80s in New Jersey. it actually still exists but has been fixed up and given a new name..
it's guess kind of morbid but i can't stop reading about it? totally insane!