Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lemon & Lime Savers

I am always finding little bags of half used lemons and limes in my refrigerator. This morning I thought I had come up with a great new product, but it already exists at Gourmac. I would have made them a little more fun, but I didn't think of it first. I was also wondering about a tomato keeper. Yep, those are at Kitchen Krafts along with the onion keeper. A quick search did not turn up any cucumber keepers!


Anastasia said...

I highly recommend having an onion keeper! It really does keep the onion smell from permeating the fridge, plus sometimes I think I've run out of onion but then I discover a little left in the onion keeper! (Like Shufti in the Terry Pratchett book about the army whose name I'm forgetting...)

Rachel said...

Nate said what the name was, but now I forgot. I think I freaked him out by reading your comment out loud since Terry Pratchett is one of those things that I'm not into, but he is!

could be anyone said...

i was hoping to invent one of these, leave uni and take over the world. but i dont that will be happeneing now... =( x