Saturday, May 12, 2007

Yard Sales :: Week 2

We had so much fun last week, that we went to more garage sales this morning! This time we did it right and got up early. Many of the ads warn against Early Birds, and one home-owner even said she had people show up at 6:30 am, but she made them wait until they opened at 8. I hope I'm never that crazy. We definitely cannot do this every week because I will end up with too much stuff. Today's finds include a pie cooling cabinet that is perfect for the entry way, a white chair, a beautiful old copy of A Girl of the Limberlost from 1909, 2 wooden boxes for craft supplies (the big one is handmade), spice jars with cork lids, enamel bowl, metal bucket, a little watering can, and 2 more bottles. Whew!


Meet Me at Mikes said...

oh my gawsh! such lovely things you found! you must be so thrilled! i just tagged you on my blog! go see!

Maggs said...

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