Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Card Making

I made this card for my neighbor who is in the hospital. The paper still wants to wrinkle—even after a night under the dictionary. Any suggestions for a good glue to use? There are so many!

The little flower accents are rub-on transfers called miniMARKS. I got them at paper*source last year, but I don't see them on the website.

You can browse the whole collection at American Crafts. There is also a page that lists online and local retailers.


Melissa said...

What a beautiful card! You're such a nice neighbor! I love American Crafts. I just bought a ton of their paper on Sunday. I've never seen those minimarks though!

As for glue, I have found the perfect thing for card-making. Actually, it's not glue, it's tape. But I've tried tons of things, and this is the best so far. I just bought a 3M ATG tape dispenser thingy. Like a big tape gun. And the adhesive is nice and strong, lays flat, doesn't make a mess. I wish I would have bought one earlier!

I got mine (the 1/4" one) from here: http://www.framingsupplies.com/3M/TapeDispenserGuns.htm

Rachel said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I have the little sticky square, but they often aren't strong enough, but this looks great.