Friday, May 4, 2007


The mailman was very good to me today. I got my new shoes that have been back-ordered for a month AND a collection of catalogues from the Emigre Foundry!


Dr Nate said...
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Bmaricle said...

You are so techno savy. I am so glad you emailed this week. School is out till June 1. I can communicate and be a real person now.

I love those shoes... where can a girl get some of those??

Can't wait to catch up. I just moved, so will send address updates soon. Say hi to Nate!


Rachel said...

Hey Becca! I'm glad they let you have a little break from school.

The shoes are from, but they might have them in the Journeys stores now. The brand is Sugar Shoes.

Email me what you're up to.

Meet Me at Mikes said...

gosh.. if i got those in the mail.. i may just faint with delight! where DID you get those shoes?! xx pip