Saturday, July 7, 2007

South Addison

We spent the 4th of July and the weekend up in South Addison, Maine with friends, friends of friends, and three dogs. You can see that it is quite far up the coast and I overheard someone saying on the phone, "Imagine a place as remote as you can, and we are about 4 hours more remote than that." There were 18 people in total and we had a great time, despite the rain and fog. There were beach fires, lobster, and hilarious games of catch phrase. The house and barn are really old and it was fun just taking pictures of all the items still hanging around like they might get used at any moment. Thanks to Leanne for some of the photos!


Wendy said...

Did you guys rent the place or is it a friend's house? Because that looks beautiful.

If I ever take a vacation other than to visit family, I'd love to go to Maine.

Rachel said...

It is shared by several members of my friend's family, but I think they rent it out to non-family too. There are so many great places in Maine and it has a really long shoreline (maybe the longest after Alaska?) because it juts in and out.