Sunday, July 8, 2007

Listen Up!

Tonight one of my favorite bands, Over the Rhine, had a live webcast of their new cd, The Trumpet Child. I say cd, but it will also be availble in VINYL. I want an old record player just for that! So cool if you know their sound. It won't be released until August 21, so it was great to get a sneak preview of another great album. Afterwards, there was a live chat with band members/songwriters Karin and Linford. There were so many people firing off questions that it was hard to get noticed. We did manage to get a couple questions answered and right at the end I asked Linford if it was OK that I had named my cat after him. He said "Naming cats after me is fine." I wasn't sure if I should take that like there were multiple cats named Linford and he'd been asked this before and it was getting old OR if it was a "sure, not a problem." Alas, the problem of internet communication. Oh well, I feel better having asked permission. Check out their nifty website.


Ann said...

So how was the music??? Is it a must buy? I love the design of the new album... it reminds me of something you might come up with.

Rachel said...

It is a very cool design! They are having a contest for their "Wine Me, Dine Me, Over the Rhine Me" t shirt design and I want to come up with an entry for that, but I'm a little intimidated.

The music—I really can't begin to give a complete review after just one listen. Nate and I thought it seemed a little jazzy for the first few tracks, but there is some very cool stuff going on. They should be streaming it on their website soon.

Here's one review:
“The Trumpet Child is the best record of Over the Rhine’s career, and I’m happy to go on record saying as much. After my first few listens, what I find most striking is the sense of Friday-at-5pm bliss, the sleeves-up fun of friends hanging out and playing just one more tune...
(Seriously this time, last one.)”
Jason Killingsworth, Music Editor, Paste Magazine

And here you listen to If A Song Could Be President. I love it!