Monday, March 3, 2008

Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra

I'm putting in a plug for the March 30 concert for my orchestra since A) I designed the poster B) I'm in charge of publicity and C) it seems to be really easy to get hits through this blog for people searching for the PSO. We've had several months to prepare and it should be a great concert featuring Dvorak's New World Symphony!


YouWho said...

What a coincidence:
A) I never realized the PSO existed until recently when the very sophisticated and professional posters around town caught my eye.
B) I found your blog searching for the PSO (after realizing I'd been reading about some orchestra in Ohio).
C) How big is the orchestra... and is the wind section currently fully staffed?

Rachel said...

Youwho, we do have all our wind positions filled at the moment, but you never know when things will change or if we'll need substitutes or extras. If you would like to send me your contact, instrument and experience info at rachelDOTswansonATportsmouthsymphonyDOTorg, I can pass it along.

Dr Nate said...

Personally, I think that the PSO would benefit from pictures of various violinists. Possibly in swimsuits. Maybe a calendar! :)

YouWho said...

Thanks Rachel, I already emailed the contact on the web site.

As for a swimsuit calendar, while no doubt it would be beautifully designed, I think I'll reserve judgement on whether it would be a good idea until I see the PSO on March 30...

Anonymous said...

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