Sunday, February 10, 2008

Maine Caucus

So, Maine is one of the few states that hold a caucus instead of a primary. Today was my first chance to experience this, and let me tell you, I will take a voting booth any day. In addition to being totally non-private, it was unorganized, took forever, and involved standing in line, sitting in a crowded (hot!) gymnasium, and manual counting. It all seems really biased against those who have to work, take care of children, or people like me who just want to vote and be done with it. I'm all for political discussion, but that's what the months before the primaries are for. There were only 2 people who were willing to stand up and say they were undecided, so it seemed more about bashing the other side than convincing your friends and neighbors to join a certain camp. I think the numbers speak for themselves: my town has a population of 10,000 people and around 550 people came to today's Democratic caucus and 32 (!) came to the Republican one held last weekend.

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